Berner – Marijuana Mania Episode 2 – When Big Business Meets Culture

Berner is back with the second installment of Marijuana Mania. This episode finds Bern in Sin City where weed is not only legalized (for medicinal purposes) but is now home to the largest indoor grow facility. Take a tour and see what happens when big business meets culture like never before.

Berner presents Marijuana Mania

In the premiere episode of Marijuana Mania, Berner takes you on an exclusive trip to the Cookie Fam’s farm to talk breeding and then to the 3rd Generation Family farm during harvest season to get an inside look at what it actually takes to create some of best strains the world has ever smoked.


Jungle Boys – The Smokebox | BREALTV

These boys are legendary in the game, The Jungle Boys, west coast growers. B-Real steps inside “The Smokebox” with the Jungle Boys. The smoked out episode discusses marijuana culture, cultivation, and favorite strains. In addition, the discussion goes into the passing of California’s proposition 64.